Organisation and project consulting

COMENO - coach me now!

Already the name is standing for our idea: Coach me now! Our world is spinning around your NEEDS - no matter if you need trainings, consulting or coaching.

Standards might not be a solution for your need. For us every person, every organisation, every project is unique. When we want to support you successfully we first want to understand how the exact task looks and where you want to go. That stands for every subject area:


Classic, agile or hybrid? That what fits to YOU counts.


Individual and in teams - we talk to people!


It's the practical experience that counts.
experience in training. experience in project



Out of the Italian language in the sense of "you bet / why not" - also for that we stand. The wish for changes! We show you the way out of your personal convenience zone! Let's wake up together the joy of being curious and excited about Unknown!

The way we work

During projects and organisation consulting we work on a systemic method. That means we are not only looking at one single person or task - we see the interaction of the environment. It is important for us to understand the whole picture.

Our first step is to analyse the situation and the general framework. Our second step we lead to the purposive criteria for success and to the application conditions. A preference in the sense of classic or agile application is not in our goal - we search for a solution suitable to YOU.

A open dialogue with reciprocal respect and the will to change are the base of personal advancement.

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