Consulting for organisation Development and Project Management

Why should you take care of your organisation Development? Because your organisation changes inherently: New requirements, flow in the markets, new technologies, new people. Accompany these changes! These changes are opportunities towards a young and agile organisation. Develop with and for your organisation a culture, which is authentic. A common organisation model giving identification for a person's spirit and a whole team spirit, goals to create strong bonds between people. Than your organisaton is ready to deal with upcoming changes.

What is the advantage in external consulting? We accompany you as your neutral Buisness Partner, your skilled Coach, your dedicated Trainer. We listen to you, we ask you about your needs, we bring interdisciplinary expertise in and keep the focus on the big goal. 

Why you should contact us?


We are acting with and for you in every situation.

Right is, what fits for you!

  • suitable to the project
  • suitable to the structur
  • suitable to your type of leadership
  • suitable to your culture


We prefer to be indiviual.

We start the business relation:

  • without bias
  • open minded (and ears)
  • with ideas instead of solutions
  • without powerpoint


A common goal.

We stand for:

  • honest feedback
  • straight communication
  • appreciated and respectful exchange
  • common ideas
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