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Coaching formats

One coaching format is not enough for us. We offer exciting formats that fit you and your situational challenge.

  • for more movement
  • for more courage
  • for more well-being
  • for more flexibility
  • for more individuality

Which format would you like for you, your team, your organisation? We are looking forward to your ideas!

Parcel on a parachute
Whatever works is permitted

Every change is preceded by irritation. That's why, in addition to an extensive method case, we also have unusual formats that will shake you up.

Provocative coaching relentlessly holds up the mirror

In provocative coaching, we get straight to the point and relentlessly hold up a mirror to you. With all directness: The interaction is always based on appreciation and humour. This format is therefore one of the most effective types of coaching. The hidden humorous exaggeration of behaviour is a real eye-opener.

The coach works as a "shadow" who accompanies you at defined times. He reflects back to you directly or afterwards how you have behaved and balances your self-image and the image of others. Topics such as communication, leadership and sovereignty can be best illustrated with this format. The voice from the off can also be helpful in team situations to uncover "blind spots".

The coach works like a shadow and holds up the mirror
In speed coaching, specific points are tackled in the shortest time possible

You don't have much time, you don't like a lot of fuss, you have concrete points you want to tackle? Whether over an espresso, via mobile or Viko ... airport, café or canteen ... in 15-30 minutes we clarify the topic and discuss concrete approaches to change. You can then implement these immediately.

The ideal coaching for all those who want to work intensively on themselves. We start on Saturday morning with breakfast and clarify topics, fields of action and goals. This is followed by the first contemplative session to deepen, reflect and question. In the afternoon, the themes are taken up, developed further, rediscovered - then the next phase of deepening and refining follows on its own. Sunday is about clarity: verifying results, deepening, clarifying - trying out ideas and transferring them into practice, defining plans for action and change.

The weekend coaching is for all those who want to work intensively on themselves for 2 days.
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The best time to face challenges is NOW!
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