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Executive Coaching
for the Top-Management

Strategic and management tasks - requirements that demand diverse know-how and a corresponding personality.

Are you concerned with these or similar topics...?

  • ((re)orientation as a manager,
  • challenges in change processes,
  • skillful stakeholder management
  • honest reflection
  • resilience, stress profile, burn out
  • motivators, values, strengths

Then now is the right time for your me-time! One of our accomplished coaches is sure to fit your personality.

Let's go for it
We support you in these areas
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Finding your own management profile

How do I present myself confidently and eloquently? Which management strategy can I identify with without feeling forbidden? How do I deal with conflict situations confidently? How do I manage the demands that my stakeholders place on me? How do I become a person who lives my own corporate culture, who enjoys what he does, who enjoys innovative work, who uses his drivers in a target-oriented way?
In short: How do you become a real leader? Management/leadership coaching provides you with methods, strategies and leadership tools as well as support for personal orientation.

Sparring auf Augenhöhe - für mehr Transparenz und Reflexion

Sparring - respectful and straightforward

We use our coaching, leadership and business expertise to spar with you on your personal and business issues, providing efficient and effective impetus and thinking ahead and around corners. In open dialog, we play advocate diaboli and get the best out of solution ideas.

As a top manager, you know how valuable open and honest feedback is. This is exactly what you can expect from us. Because our aim is to support you effectively in your work.

Personal Executive Coaching – der Partner an Ihrer Seite

The person behind the leader

You are entitled to have doubts, personal sensitivities, emotions - in short, to be human. Given the high expectations placed on you as a top manager, executive coaching offers you the opportunity to reflect on these sensitive, perhaps even private issues in a protected space.

Where do negative feelings hinder your success, where do your inner drivers support you? We use effective methods to eliminate your "blind spots" and behavioral patterns that slow you down or give you the drive you need.

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In top management, the air grows thin, opportunities for reflection are rare and honest feedback is rare.
Treat yourself to an experienced executive coach - for a quick gain in knowledge, sparring at eye level and valuable impulses.

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Customer overview

COMENO Coaches s at work

Would you like to know in which business sectors and organizations we are active? With pleasure.
Here is a selection of our coaching clients:

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Let's talk in person in a free initial appointment. Together we will check whether the "chemistry" is right and whether our offers match your expectations.

If this is the case, we will continue to work with digital sessions and face-to-face appointments. Short impulse phone calls are also not uncommon. The duration of the individual appointments and the coaching as a whole depends entirely on your needs.

In any case, you can expect absolute discretion, a high degree of appreciation, a sense of humor, professionalism, a broad horizon of experience, curiosity in the best sense of the word, clear words and absolute honesty. We see ourselves as your partner at eye level.

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