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We are your experienced, tried-and-tested trainers and consultants who have been washed with all the waters of everyday project/management life. Find in our team exactly the help that suits you, your company and your task.

Torsten Graßmeier

Looking back, I would say that my more than 30 years of professional experience can be divided into two main chapters: The first 15 years were characterized by project management and leadership, the second 15 years by coaching and transformation. An incredibly exciting path, none of which I would want to miss.
Today, it is important to me to accompany people, teams and organizations on their very personal and individual path. Even though leadership and project management are an integral part of my professional life, coaching has increasingly become my vocation over the last 15 years. Perhaps that is the reason why we find new inspiration every day from the COMENO "coach me now" spirit.

Portrait Theo Veltkamp

Theo Veltkamp

Leadership and management in diverse contexts have been the focus of my work for 25 years. I made experiences in international consulting companies, in corporations from the consumer goods industry or in the energy environment, in medium-sized companies or as founder of my own start-up. In all my roles, I have been fascinated by the diversity of topics: strategy, sales, supply chain management, HR and IT are just a few of them. My biggest learning: Leadership plays a central role. Leadership culture determines economic success, healthy working environments, successful transformations and employee motivation - and leadership is always a question of fit.
Are you planning to adapt your corporate strategy to current challenges, set up change projects, coach a team or a leader? Then let's talk about your vision together. We COMENOs are burning to make you or your company even more successful.

Thorsten Stauch

It gives me pleasure to accompany people in their personal as well as professional development and to support them in realizing their full potential. That is why I have been working with great enthusiasm as a manager for more than 15 years and as a trainer (GPM certified), as well as a consultant in the project management environment for five years.
My experience as an active entrepreneur and consultant is of particular benefit to me in training: I can show the participants the transfer from theory to practice with examples from daily experience and empathize with their everyday professional life with its challenges. With a lot of curiosity and a portion of pragmatism, I like to take a close look at current trends, ideas and also challenges. What works? Where can new impulses be profitably introduced? What can solutions look like? These questions motivate me and challenge the optimist in me.

Silke Heine

Born in Germany and raised in Canada, I was bitten by the travel bug very early on. After working in China, India, Bahrain and Dubai, I worked in the automotive industry and for an energy supplier before spending two years in a management consultancy. What excites me are the people with their different perspectives and experiences. The opportunity as a trainer, consultant and coach to find a common path with them, to create a common culture for their organisations and their projects, is what drives me. "The secret of success is to understand each other's point of view." Henry Ford

Barbara Kopp

My personal concern is to make humanity suitable for business. To do this, I work with value-oriented organisational development.
As a consultant in organisational development, coach and engineer in a large DAX company, I am constantly asked what a company, a manager and each individual can do to make work fun and at the same time increase turnover. I am convinced that efficiencies can only be achieved in the long term if you are prepared to go deeper. If you look at both the people and the processes.

Prof. h.c. Jens-Uwe Braun

Professional expertise alone is no longer a guarantee of success. What is needed is personality and methodological expertise to drive issues forward in a controlled manner. This is where I make a significant contribution across all sectors. I put my heart and soul into this, because professional projects are both my mission and my passion.
After 30 years of international experience in a wide variety of project roles and functions, I have a deep understanding of the practical side of things. This makes the transfer between what I have learned and practice a high-end added value. As a result, the quality of professionalization in project management gains in sustainability and efficiency. As a trouble-shooter in complex and interdisciplinary processes, I pass on my extensive experience at a master-class level so that I am also equipped to deal with difficult negotiation situations.

Miriam Ullrich

As a psychologist, recognition, appreciation, potential orientation and constructive co-creation are fundamental aspects of my work. Based on this mindset, I support people in their personal and professional development.
With supervision, coaching and organizational consulting, I help people and organizations to position themselves in an increasingly complex environment - tailored with frameworks and methods from the agile world and proven systemic and integral approaches, in person and digitally. In this way, challenges can be dealt with and implemented in a creative, competence-oriented way. Intensive reflection and the potential-oriented handling of differences create constructive communication and supportive cooperation.

Pierre Frot

Supporting people and organisations to develop further. Making resources and potential accessible. To strike out on new paths. That is my passion! After 11 years with American consulting companies, as a consultant and head of the DACH region, I knew how to develop business models, but not necessarily how to implement them. In 2001, I was ready to deal with the "people side of change", had myself trained as a coach and systemic coach, among other things, and added a psychology degree to my engineering and MBA studies. Since then, I have been supporting people and organisations to develop and, above all, implement new, agile business models. I look forward to the next challenge with your teams!

Almut Griguscheit

Accompanying organisations, teams and leaders on the path of digital and agile transformation excites me. This is my "why I get up in the morning". The focus of my work is accordingly on change management, digital leadership and agile coaching.
More than 10 years of leadership experience in strategic and operational leadership roles in the corporate environment have given me a solid foundation in these topics. In this context, I was responsible for the digital transformation and agile change of organisations, as well as for operational production units, among others. Business proximity and the ability to operationalise strategies and concepts have a high priority for me. I know the complex requirements of management commitment and communication as critical factors of transformation success. I coach agile projects and managers with a hands-on approach.

Raik Göthert

In companies, the key to success is never the best technologies, the most modern methods or the biggest budgets, but always a functioning overall system consisting of committed people, well thought-out processes and a suitable IT solution. Over the past 25 years, I have been able to gain this experience in many different industries, from family businesses to corporations and in international teams.
As a consultant, project manager, manager and entrepreneur, I am passionate about and enjoy shaping the interaction between processes and IT. In doing so, I always remain true to my principle: THINK COMPLEXLY, BUT MAKE IT SIMPLE

Michael Schoemaker

After more than 25 years in the world of medical devices (technology, development, business), I have experienced first-hand the strengths and weaknesses of traditional project management. I was able to prove myself in large, international research and product development projects from the technology phase to the launch in a leading function. This is where I discovered my passion for agile project management / mindset and agile organizational forms. In addition, I was privileged to lead or accompany several international agile transitions (medical technology, aerospace, semiconductor industry).
Today, in addition to my work for a company in Switzerland, I coach and advise start-ups, am a member of a technology advisory board, and act as an independent expert witness in patent negotiations.
I am particularly passionate about scaling agile project teams (e.g. medical technology or aircraft industry). What drives me is the question of how people work together in a meaningful way, what makes successful teams and what role the organization and management play in this.

Thorsten Georgi

As a business economist with an entrepreneurial mindset, I feel comfortable in the role of a pragmatic solution developer and implementer - in other words, a "way forward". I am a big fan of learning organizations. In this sense, I like to deal with complex issues, innovations and digital change as well as the challenges that arise for employees, teams and organizations. One of my passions is developing people and, above all, leveraging untapped potential.
In my 15 years in project management, including in management positions in a national and international context, I have been able to get to know and master the challenges of a wide variety of industries. As a consultant, I apply this wealth of experience to interim management and organizational development. Complex corporate changes in the course of post-merger projects are particularly exciting for me.
I see integrity, reliability and effective networking as my success factors.

Markus Bauer

As an enthusiastic person, I like to take others on a journey into the unknown. For me, testing new topics, technologies and trends for their practicality and combining them optimally with existing ones is the salt in the soup of organisational development. For me, this also includes an unconditional understanding of the status quo and the objectives.

I pass on my knowledge in our trainings with a lot of commitment and humour. And here, too, I like to bring new formats and technologies into play. Whether classic or agile project management, design thinking or kanban - in any case, a large portion of interaction and valuable communication is part of every format. My motto: It's perfectly okay to have fun!

Dr. Silke Schulz-Hähle

Strengthening people in their challenges and supporting them in their upcoming change processes has become my professional focus. After all, being able to cope with the daily demands and at the same time master the challenges of the future can be a very heavy burden. I have experienced this first-hand in my 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. I spent 14 of those years as a manager with a focus on strategy, project management consulting/methods and the synchronization of processes and interfaces in the product development process.
Here I also experienced how enriching it is to proactively accompany other people on their journeys, to be at their side, to go ahead where necessary and, if necessary, to stand behind them in order to relieve them in the best possible way. Relieving their burden gives them freedom again, paths become recognizable, the ability to act is restored and they can take the next steps stronger.

Christian Berthold

Every project is unique, so every project also needs a "unique" project manager. I have been following this credo for quite some time. My passion for project management, the "assembling" of many building blocks into a complete work of art, drives me. For me, efficient and effective project management is the decisive factor for success in a complex and volatile working environment. I have been passionately supporting companies in project management and transformation projects for 10 years. I see myself as an implementer and enabler who - based on the respective context and requirements - develops and implements pragmatic solutions together with the client. In doing so, I draw on my experience in the automotive, IT and telecommunications, healthcare, real estate, logistics and start-up industries. usable and sustainable project management processes as well as demonstrably implementable risk and stakeholder management. These principles, daily lived project management practice, I convey to my audience in a multi-faceted way with full enthusiasm and conviction. Let yourself be carried away, together we will take your project management to a new level.

Sascha Ilic

For more than two decades as a consultant and trainer in the automotive industry, my focus has been on the introduction and optimization of process-oriented organizations and IT systems. I am particularly motivated by the challenge of moving people in complex structures to a new quality of cooperation.
My own experiences as an entrepreneur, characterized by highs and challenges, inspire me to accompany SMEs from a wide range of industries as a business coach. A highly exciting role in which I help entrepreneurs, project managers and teams to develop their potential, from vision and mission to operational processes and digital change projects. Team facilitation and mediation are among my distinctive strengths, and as a sports scientist I like to bring movement into play. According to the credo: paths are created by walking them.

Steffen Kuch

My hobbyhorse is success-oriented, holistic project management - always with an appreciative attitude towards the people involved. After more than 20 years in the project environment, including in the field of troubleshooting, I have retained my enthusiasm for this subject: thanks to my valuable experience, I have been able to acquire a keen eye for project-critical issues and a keen perception of interpersonal challenges.
In this context, I see it as essential to communicate in a way that is appropriate to the target group, with a pinch of humor and in the right tone. I combine this with an analytical approach, the ability to bundle complex topics into manageable sizes and a more than generous portion of perseverance and commitment. This mix allows me to ensure proper coordination, control and on-time completion even in difficult projects.
As an integrative person, it is particularly important to me to inspire and motivate teams in order to support them in finding goal-oriented solutions.

Christina Schröder

With structured project management, projects can be completed more successfully - that is my conviction. After working for a management consultancy, I am now a self-employed consultant. Here I took the opportunity to lead projects in the regulatory environment and in the software industry.
A good manager has to be able to think holistically, find solutions, create transparency, manage conflicts, motivate the team and keep an eye on the people involved in addition to the technical aspects. I am excited by the combination of challenges in terms of content and working with people. In the long term, I can further develop the skills of everyone involved - including my own - so you never stop learning in this profession.

Carsten Läpple

With over 25 years of project experience, I enthusiastically support people and organizations in the successful implementation of their projects - with a consistent focus on the general objective and strategy. My core competence focuses on planning. This is also where I lay the foundation for savings and the avoidance of unloved surprises, which also has a positive impact on the entire course of the project. It motivates me again and again to resolve the tension between project management, the specialist departments and IT through my commitment and to orchestrate it in a success-oriented manner. I see myself as the "glue" between the requirements, the individual departments, the necessary processes and all the hierarchical levels involved. To this end, I think, act and convince from management right down to the operational level. With respectful communication and the integration of the people involved, I lead the projects entrusted to me to sustainable success.

Paul Weißhaar

My mission: to make transformations sustainably successful. After 20 years of corporate experience, leadership and management tasks and the management of international transformation projects, I know that this can only succeed if the changes are truly lived by all employees. This requires a connection between employee and organizational interests. Based on my rhetorical skills, I can communicate even the most complex topics efficiently and comprehensibly to target groups.
Thanks to the opportunity to gain leadership experience very early on as the youngest "outstanding work" site manager at the aviation group AIRBUS (at the tender age of 26), I have been able to take responsibility for several hundred employees over the years and have managed them disciplinary and laterally in multifunctional teams. This explains my great interest in leadership topics, especially the lateral leadership of teams in transformation projects. I like to continuously expand my broad methodological expertise, certifications such as SAFe and my extensive professional experience with the latest scientific findings and practical assignments, including as an interim manager.

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