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Team Coaching

Successful projects are the result of real teamwork. Together we develop systems and processes to create a living project culture.

We support you in putting together a functioning team and actively promoting it. The challenge is to anchor this WE permanently despite change processes (also in your corporate culture).

We analyse roles and work out strengths and preferences of the individual team members. The key to successful teamwork is and remains understanding and openness for appreciative cooperation.

Puzzle Icon for Teamwork
Puzzle Icon for Teamwork
Experience coaching
Formats for successful teams

Taste the success achieved by a team that is attuned to each other! With professional coaching, protagonists become motivated team players who value each other.

Systemic team building

As individuals, we do not live in a vacuum. Rather, we are part of our environment - the team, the organisation, the corporate culture.

Systemic team development therefore does not view people as singularly detached from their environment. The individual team members interact with the organisation and their private environment. Therefore, in team coaching we take different perspectives in order to do justice to these influencing factors.

In concrete terms, this means that a team member is not only part of the team, he or she is also part of the organisation. In addition, everyone is subject to private, health and cultural influences. If problems occur, systemic solutions do not look for isolated causes that are rooted in a single person. Rather, the whole team is allowed to reflect in an appreciative way on the part each individual plays in the problem. What has to change in the system to solve the problem?

Team culture / project culture

In addition to the project goals, it is also important to develop rules and values for the team. They serve the purpose of common identification and provide guidelines for smooth cooperation. This way of working together - team culture for short - is not set in stone. It is directly influenced by the people and the organisation.

What can everyone do to improve team culture? There is a whole series of scientific studies on this. One thing is certain: it is not only the clarification of factual goals that plays a decisive role in team success - the relationship level has just as much influence.

In our workshops we work with you to develop a binding value system for the project essay, in the ongoing project, the project freeze and the lessons learnt. Let's tackle the challenge of a harmonious team culture together.

Team Management System (TMS)

A team is successful when everyone can work in exactly the position he/she is best at. Charles Margerison and Dick McCann developed a system for this - the Team Management System. The basis was an extensive survey and observations of real companies. Over 1.25 million profiles were created in more than 160 countries.

Together we develop personality profiles according to the Team Management System (TMS) in order to create an awareness of the appropriate role that employees would prefer to play in the team according to their individual inclinations. In the process, each individual and the team are allowed to question in an appreciative manner which work functions are necessary to achieve goals or in the daily work environment.

Intercultural trainings

Our intercultural trainings are effective. We speak plain English not legalese. Because the widespread opinion that intercultural is only related to other geographical or ethnic differences certainly does not get to the heart of the matter. Different specialist areas also have "communication difficulties".

Company-specifically, we work out what we can do to work together better interculturally.

Experience the Team out of the office

Who says teambuilding can't be fun? We are for "out of the office context and into the active experience"! If you can solve tasks and have adventures with your colleagues in the great outdoors, on a sailing ship, in the kitchen or on the rugby field, you will find a whole new cohesion in your team.

We tailor the training to your specific goals.


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