Leadership - olistic human resources development


You want to turn employees into leader which are following your understanding of organisation culture during directing skilled and active teams? Leaders who see more an important role in their doing than the wish of a perfect manager? We develop for your organisation suitable conceptions and processes. We help to generate the right processes to suport and implement your internal leadership systems.

Leadership in Projects

Further development of skilled employees towards leader needs method and social competences. When someone is suddenly project leader due to his know-how skills has more often a lack awareness for his active leading role. But this is the goal of an active project management because the project success is defined by implementation of social competence from the team members and target oriented stakeholders.

With empathy and much experience we show you how to be ready for this challenging role. We teach you, what parameters are necessary to be a successful and competent project leader.

Our competence parameters:

  • Young academics
    The leader with organisation-know-how! Rekruit focused and with system young academics within your teams. We help you to design and develop own carrier paths.
  • Selection process / Assessments
    How to find a suitable leader for a special task/project? With a professional selection method the right person for a successful recruiting will be found.
  • From an employee to a leader
    What does it mean to be a leader/manager? With a convenient conception, efficient workshops and personal support demand and facilitate the corresponding methodical and social competences.
  • Situational Leadership (SL II)
    What is situative management after Ken Blanchard and what does it mean to your organisation and culture? We analyse the existing management style and show how to use management strategies in a contingency approach.
  • Career-/Leadership systems
    We will work out for your organisation a specific and differentiated career system which offers to your employees and leader perspectives to support competences and talents.


Talk to us. We support you finding the right first idea of a solution without obligation, and than we see what might be a suitable support.

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