Management Coaching and Development

Organising, managing, leading - Requirements which demand wide know-how. Identify your personal position on the scale of your career!

How to present myself reliable and eloquent? With what kind of leadership am I identifying myself? How to get souvereign through conflict situations? How to respond to the requirements of my employees of my colleagues and of higher level? How can I become a person that lives the organisation culture with pleasure, innovative work who leads the driver in a constructive way?

Brief: How to get a real leader? Management Coaching helps you to ask the right questions and supports towards personal orientation.
Discover your chances as a leader and very own personal strength and challenges.

Leading style and Culture

Leading Style? Preferred leading with style!

Leading and personality are strong partner. Even if methods and competences can be learned, the leader should be authentic in accordance with the organisation culture. We bring it together!

Situational Leadership (SL II)

What does situational leadership mean for your organisation and your organisation culture after Ken Blanchard? We analyse already existing leader styles and shop you how to use as a leader your situational leadership.

Political Activities

Leadership in a sandwich-position stand in front of a huge challenge in between project line and project target. Learn how to be tactical and motivated to fill the role without feeling stressed.

Appearance, Charisma, Impression

What impression do you send in business context? Learn how to have self-assurance without being unauthentic or arrogant. Awaken interest and trust of your business partners.

Communication and Leadership

Leadership is a communication skill. Therefore we show you how the relation between communication, leadership and collaboration.

Conflict solution

Do you want further understanding for the between of human relations and develop more dynamic for the interaction between roles in a leadership context? We show you how you get on this path a real moderating, clearing and designing leader.


In a management role high responsibility, performance challenges and time pressure are a home run for a burn out. If you are not observing your personnel border, if you are permanently high tensed because of time lack, no sleep and fast food or a lack for holiday - you are towards burn out.

The deep and permanent state of exhaustion leads you to an incapacity for work.

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