Team coaching is the same like Team building

Project work is team work. Therefore it is important to fix a functional team and to support them actively. How can organisations - nevertheless change processes never stop ñ implement the team spirit in a organisation culture?

Together we work out systems and processes to make project culture vivid. We analyse the roles and look for the strength and preferences of the team members. The key for successful team work is and stays understanding and an open mind for a respectful collaboration.

With consulting and development during unforgetable workshops will be implemented the necessary methods and structures for your organisation.

Systemic team development

What does is mean "systemic" concerning team development? Easy said: We are living as individuals not in a vacuum. We are part of the environment ñ of the team of the company and the organisation culture.

The systemic team development is therefore not looking at the people separated from the environment. The team members are in a reciprocal effect to the organisation and the private environment. And that's the reason why we slip in different perspectives during team coaching, we want to manage also the individually influencing effects.

In facts: A team member is not only part of the team, it is also part of the organisation. Additionaly every member is under influence of private, health and cultural effects. When a problem occurs are the systemic solutions not found in one person and its isolated causes. Rather the whole team has to reflect with respect which part has every small problem. What has to be changed in the system to solve the problem?

Team culture / Project culture

Beside the project targets the team must define also the rules and values of the team. They help to find a common identification and give them a guiding line for a good collaboration. The way how the team interacts ñ brief team culture ñ is not a monument. They are under influence of the people and organisation directly.

What could every member contribute to strengthen the team culture? We provide you many investigations as a base knowledge. Certainly not only the clear role of the target is important for the team ñ important is also the relation levels.

During our workshops we look for the value of systems for the project kick-off, the ongoing project and the project freeze and the lessons learned. Letís go together the way towards a harmonic team culture!

Team Management System (TMS)

A team is successful when every team member works in the position wanted. Charles Margerison and Dick McCann developed for this statement a system ñ the team management system. Based on a waste poll and observations in real organisations. In more over 160 countries has been made 1,25 profiles.

Together we work out ñ after the Team management system (TMS) member profiles to get an awareness of the suitable role in the team. During this process every person is allowed to ask about the necessary functions needed to get to the target.

Intercultural Trainings

Intercultural Trainings - to make it different is sexy!

Our intercultural trainings start with Chinese and professional Chinese. Because the common opinion that intercultural awareness is only target to other countries is not right. Just different professionals have their difficulties to understand ñ gender questions, verbal obstacles not mentioned.

On the level of your organisation we look what we can find out to work better in an intercultural context.

Outdoor - Team experience

Get out of the office and dive into an active experience. Who wants to go outside in the nature and solve tasks and stand adventures find a new collaboration level in a team.

Suitable for you will be worked out the training event.

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