Our COMENO Coreteam...

Torsten Graßmeier
& Theo Veltkamp

Silke Heine

Konstantin Dirbanis

Raik Göthert

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Testimonials form our customers:

„Our intensive Team Coaching-Workshop shaped our way of collaboration sustainable in a positive direction. Torsten Graßmeier found out where the crux of matter of the team is, where strategie and personality stands and worked out clearly what is necessary for daily work. His spontaneity, the agreement with the team dynamic and the induvidual doing have shown his professionalism. A great highlight was the nice location with the "kitchen-party" in the end. We surely come back!“


„Torsten Graßmeier and Theo Veltkamp came at there first meeting realy unprejudiced and without PowerPoint, without dogmatic PM-religion and without standard solution conception. They showed real interest in our organisation and our challenges. At least somebody really listen and asked the right questions. COMENO accompanys us since that time successfully on our way towards being an agile organisation. Thank you for that“

Roche Diagnostics

„Many thanks for the great training, which really brought me forward. The open-mindedness of Torsten Graßmeier was enabling me to go through this process of advancement and to grow over my limits.“

diconium GmbH
„The trainers of COMENO know how to build up a very nice athmospere in the class room and convinced with competence and humanity.“
Testo SE & Co. KGaA

„COMENO gave us towards organisation develpment very important impulses and coached us individually for the reformation, p.e. concerning the part of project control and project management trainings. The workshops have been a real Highlight.“

Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

"The training conception of COMENO concerning IPMA-certification is completely oriented on a factual project work. The qualifying measures are practical and useful - the trainers have been motivated, respectful and in every question competent. In total: only convincing!“

REWE Group

"That all of us got their C/B-certication so satisfied is due to you and the profound preperation of Torsten. Thank you for all the tips, the honest feedback, the really great conditions and the all-over and every time kind support. It was a pleasure to work with you at the Römerkastell. Seeing you agin, in any context, would be great. Thank you so much - stay as you are!“

PTV Group

"We work since meny years with Torsten Graßmeier as a consultant and with COMENO as a competent business partner for our IPMA certifications. With his support we improved our strategie concerning project management and the professional as well as social skills of the employees! Torsten Graßmeier and his team of consultants convinced with years of experience and a waste knowledge in project management and the needed measure of professionalism mixed with fun and training and coaching! In total very recommandable!“


„COMENO accomanys us since many years for our stategie- and team development. The workshops for our needs are always very good and brought us the wanted input.“

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