Project Management Training / Leadership / Team Training

"You can not only teach a person you should rather show him how to discover himself.”
(Galileo Galilei)

For this reason we do not support upfront teaching. In our trainings you make experience, you discover on your own and we mostly collaborate together. During our trainings you are accompanied individually. Mostly you are conducted during trainings for the "real project life’".

Whether during the project management training, our team and leadership trainings or the moderation courses – the reciprocal estimation and some humor are the source of a successful collaboration. The open-minded dialogue, the estimating respect and the curiosity for changes are the base of the personal development.

We deliver the knowledge and you the engagement – the best formula for fun and success during learning!

Our Trainer

With whom are you meeting? Our trainer is certified with IPMA Level-B and did his trainer license with an approved educational institution. Because the practical experience in addition to didactic and methodical skills, they prove corresponding practical experience and have stand or stood always active in daily professional and project life.

Torsten Graßmeier has also been training all GPM coaches for eight years as Authorized Training Partner of GPM.

We all have one thing in common:

  • We like it individually.
    Therefore, we love working with flipcharts, whiteboards and other creative methods – and than the courses become really unique.

  • We think along with you.
    Therefore, we can respond flexibly to situation and accord – of course if necessary - the agenda.

  • We are honest.
    Therefore, we give open-minded feedback. We want you to have an active use of every training day.
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