Troubleshooting - we rescue your project in emergency cases!

Welcome to the club! When something is very wrong with your project you are not alone. Never ending construction projects, like the Berlin airport and some other not finished IT-projects etc. Good to know that you are not wasting time with finger pointing. An intelligent "mistake culture" brings your near to a solution. We clean up your project - and that on a

  • cultural
  • methodic
  • and social


Aktive since 20 years within international project leading (management) and training competences for classic and agile project management gave us a huge spectrum of experience. With a tight focus on details and real analytical skills we built up structure unchain political involvement and orientation.

  • This is our service for you:
  • Consulting - where is the snag?
  • Analysation - how to tidy up
  • Coaching - we are your sparring partner
  • Interim Project Management - fire engine in action

How we do all this exactly? Ask all details! We are looking forward talking to you in a first meeting to get to know your challenges.

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