Urban Regeneration - an example for a Business Innovation Center

Organisations are looking for innovations. Innovation is therefore an important topic for organisatiions. We ask you: When have you been the last time astonished?

Incubators for Corporate Start-ups are en vogue, however we have beside advantages like p.ex. shortening of development times and customer focus also an advantage of location and budget. COMENO gives you alternatives to all these advantage.

The most of big DAX enterprises already installed Incubators mostly metropolitains like wie Berlin, Munich or Francfort, so called at German Telekom 'Hubraum', at Lufthansa 'Innovation Hub' and bei Media Markt 'Spacelab'.

The idea is good but also in between all these advantages very expensive and full of risks because fixed costs are rising and the success is not predictable.

Our solution is local and accorded to your needs

Do you only need project locations beside a start up center or support of your teams? We provide you also a combination of both, locations for the project with a coach. Our Innovation coaches put it's best in your position and situation and develop together with you adequate solutions. 

Advantage of timing, costs reduction and risks minimisation with parallel high team motivation stand for a profit of a Business Innovation Centers nearby.

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